[3BLD] M2/OP

The M2/OP (so M2 for edges and OP for corners) is actually the method I use, is a good method for understanding 2-cycles and also for starting 3BLD.

I’m not that good at it but I’m trying to improve my times as well as my effeciency.

I’ve made a pdf to have a clear sheet for the algos because there were only one but it has a different target buffer position and algos were akward for me so after following Noah Arthurs’ 3BLD tutorials I decided to use his algos with a few of mine and a few of Andy Klise’s one.

Here is the sheet: M2-OP


Content Description

On this website, I will post all method I know including the ones I’m learning and the ones I invented.

I will post all or almost all the algos I know and the ones I found myself.

The tutorials will be available on the website and on pdf so you could check them offline where ever you are.

I will also post videos (from my YT channel) and images (PBs, good solves, comps souvenirs, …)  such as programes/softwares/web apps that I wrote for speedcubing/cubing things (you could find them on my GitHub page).

Feel free to send me or comment an algo for a particular that you find better than the one I posted, same for a method that might be worth sharing on this website (even if it’s yours).